Future of EdTech: Predictions and Hopes

Here are my predictions and hopes (in no particular order) for the not so far off future of how educational technology will impact teaching and learning.

  • Classrooms, schools, and districts will be truly paperless.
    • G Suite for Education will become more robust in features and capabilities for students and teachers.
  • Computer Science (coding) will become required courses and learning paths for students.   
    • Code.org, Codeacademy, Udacity, and many, others will become commonplace options for blended learning models for computer science instruction.
  • Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality will (continue to) infuse its way into experiential, game-based, and problem-based learning.
    • Experiential projects to learn content
    • Experiential projects to help students make better decisions about learning and career pathways.
  • Artificial Intelligence will help teachers make data-driven decisions (from all online sources), personalize curriculum and content, and better assist their learners.
    • Plus conversations about strengths/opportunities for growth will help students understand how they learn best.
  • Adaptive learning programs will continue to be used, producing competency data easily accessible by teachers and SISs, LMSs, and “AI” dashboards “integrating” with other programs.
  • Devices and WiFi will get better, more secure, and “inter-connected” through the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Making” will be infused into all classes.  Design thinking, empathizing to “problem-find” and create solutions, will be used to facilitate project-based learning.
  • Cloud-based software will be infused into projects to prepare students for the business world.
    • Think SaaS, CRM, Adobe Suite, Microsoft Suite, G Suite, ESRI GIS (spatial analysis), Project Management tools, video conferencing, email and digital marketing, budgeting, and others.
  • Edupreneurship” will blend design thinking, prototyping, and business skills for students to create solutions, products, and services to make positive local and global impacts.
    • Think app, website, 3D, laser-cutter, etc. (rapid prototyping).
  • Teachers will be just as important, facilitating and designing learning experiences, implementing the proper technology for the scenario, project, experience, and student support, while continuing to act as a relationship builder, mentor, and coach.


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