These Walls Can Talk



Dear Readers,

The blog explained.   In today’s socially connected sharing world, our walls figuratively talk.  In fact, we (collective society at large here) often “post” thoughts on our social media “walls.”  So, today, our walls sort of do “talk.”  Applying this thought and concept to our classrooms, have you ever thought to yourself, wouldn’t it be nice to be a “fly on the wall” and observe a class for the day?  To eliminate the wonder of how Mrs. Smith “does it.”  (Replace “it” with anything you’re curious about, i.e. engage her students, improve student achievement, manage a group of students, the list is almost infinite).  One of my ideas for topics and shared stories of this blog is to answer some of those questions and to ask those questions of others.  To showcase, to share, to reflect on what is happening in our classrooms and the amazing work of our teachers.  I consider myself a very reflective and analytical person, and I’m taking this opportunity (that we all have) to share via the Internet, in what hopefully amounts to a constructive and productive blog and website.

 This an examination of the art of teaching.  Growth mindset.  I and many administrators have the wonderful opportunity to visit classrooms each day.  This is an awesome opportunity to observe and reflect on teaching.  Many of us, including myself, often say something to the effect of, “I am a better teacher today because I’ve had the ability to visit so many classrooms and observe so many master teachers.”  I believe this to be true.  With the Internet giving everyone a voice and the opportunity to share and collaborate.  This is where I plan to share – to share ideas, content that I’ve created, instructional strategies, innovative ideas and practices, and celebrate the positive impact teachers have on our youth.  My hopes are that you’ll enjoy what you read, you’ll pick up a new idea, and we’ll start an intellectual conversation.  



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