Hi, I’m Adam.

I consider myself passionate about education and learning in general.  I’m always learning something new.

In work, I facilitate our vision for personalized learning environments through the use of data and blended learning models, proven educational technologies, and problem-based learning.  I initiate and complete projects.  I work to remove roadblocks to success. I professionally develop leadership teams and teachers.

I always start with “Why?”  A mantra I often refer to is, “that it’s not so much about the technology, rather what we do with the technology.”

Prior to becoming a Supervisor of Instructional Technology, I was a middle school science teacher, and an early adopter of technologies that enhanced instruction and student engagement, particularly Google Apps for Education.  I facilitated inquiry and problem-based learning activities.  

LindstromLearning is my personal blog and platform for sharing ideas, reflections on education and learning in general, and connections to my new learning, life, and sometimes my connections to my life as a surfer.

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