Evaluating EdTech. Start with, “Why?”



Technology can be intimidating.  There’s a seemingly endless supply of instructional technology available to a teacher today.  Each year, new engagement and assessment platforms, classroom management tools, and communication apps make their way to the market offering a better, faster, more intuitive, more personalized way of instructing our students.  This is certainly overwhelming.


Start with why.  Starting with why, will lead you through the “Hows,” and ultimately to the “Whats.”

Why do you need Platform X?  Ultimately, why will Platform X help children?  


Embedded in this are plenty of specific and deep questions to help you evaluate Platform X.  We’ll take a deeper look at this in another blog post.

My process consists of about four steps, outlined here.



  • Research
  • Explore (on my own),
  • Experiment (in the classroom) and
  • Reflect (and ask students)



I’m going for consistency and objectivity when evaluating programs side-by-side, but I think one of the most important factors is the student opinion of the edtech.  Finally, here is the link to a Google From that I use to evaluate technology using the same questions each time.  

Thanks for reading!  I’ll discuss more on this topic in the near future.